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JAVAD EMS Celebrates a Decade of Improving Electronics Manufacturing

When JAVAD EMS (JEMS) was founded in 2010, the industry – like much of the economy – was still experiencing an economic downturn, which could have made it tricky for any company to be successful but especially a new one. However, the owners forged ahead with the EMS division because they believed that the solution they needed for themselves as an OEM was no different than what many other customers would need and want. Products were continuing to become more complex so the investment in equipment and software needed to be made to keep pace with the industry’s technology needs and end product quality requirements. Knowing that, JEMS set up a facility and installed the necessary equipment, software and processes to not only meet what they knew as current technology but also that could meet the future challenges of the most complex products and technologies coming their way.

JAVAD EMS Celebrates a Decade of Improving Electronics Manufacturing

Fast forward to 10 years later and the company, now thriving, hasn’t changed its beliefs. Advanced equipment and processes allow JEMS to continue building advanced products with the highest levels of quality, regardless of the build: all are built the same way on the same equipment. “While we cannot eliminate entirely the need for human intervention in the manufacturing process, we do all we can to provide advanced automation, maximum knowledge and repeatable/defined processes to our operators,” commented Gary Walker, Vice President at JEMS.

In 2010, the company purchased more than 40,000 square feet of manufacturing space in the heart of Silicon Valley and updated it to the highest standards of electronics manufacturing services, communication, client support, employee comfort and training. JEMS offers four continuous flow SMT lines complete with inline 3D solder paste inspection and AOI. These lines are highly flexible, allowing for diverse and complex products using the latest in component packaging technologies to be assembled and with quick changeover between products, enabling high-mix, low- to medium-volume production. The majority of the kit sizes being run are less than 500 pieces but there are some higher volume accounts where the company produces thousands of PCBAs monthly.

JEMS’s list of PCB professional capabilities has become more comprehensive over the years and includes 01005s, microBGAs, LGAs, QFNs, package on package, double-sided BGA assembly, lead-free assembly processes, leaded assembly and aqueous wash processes, automated in-line 3D solder paste inspection for height/volume/area/registration, automated optical PCB inspection systems, and automated 3D X-ray inspection systems.

Additional capabilities include:

  • Paperless production process
  • mart feeder system enables error-proof traceability and feeder set-up validation
  • All production-released documents controlled through web-based work flow approval process
  • Feeder trolley carts staged allowing for quick product to product changeover
  • Extensive wireless functional test capabilities. Testing is automated through the use of Labview software and GPIB interface.
  • Flying head probe test capability: Designed to detect manufacturing defects on printed circuit boards, the JEMS tester uses four high-speed, independently moving probes, making it easy to access test points, vias, component pads and fine-pitch parts. Fixtureless testers allow for easy inspection of SMT boards and are ideally suited for high board mix prototype applications as well as low and medium volume production runs.
  • Vertical carousels allow for secure, controlled and efficient storage of parts by customer part number
  • Smart SMT feeders carts allowing for fast, accurate part retrieval and feeder set-up
  • Large 22 x 24″ PCBA line
  • Robotic soldering systems
  • ESS temperature cycling chamber c/w humidity
  • 10 x 10 ft EMI shielded room
  • In-house updated auditorium for employee training and presentations.

The company also utilizes state-of-the-art manufacturing software that transforms product, process, materials and real-time data into total manufacturing intelligence. Each element supports the goals of speed, control and visibility throughout the process from the factory office and product launch activities, through manufacturing execution and culminating in total traceability, reporting, and monitoring.

One thing that has not changed since day one is the company’s belief that its team members are the reason it has such a strong reputation for quality, flexibility and customer service. JEMS constantly invests in its people. This includes training, quality equipment, tools and processes, an enjoyable workplace atmosphere, and much more. All of this fosters a cooperative spirit that results in fast, quality services for customers. Walker added, “We are proud of the high retention rate of our team members. Many of them have been with JEMS since we first opened 10 years ago or since joining the company shortly thereafter in our initial year of operation.” All program managers have a minimum of 15 years’ experience in the electronics manufacturing services industry, and many have additional certifications including IPC A 610 Class 3, J-STD-001, IPC-A-600, Six Sigma Black Belt, and certified IPC trainers and specialists.

Since most of JEMS’s customers have high-complexity products, high-mix, low- to medium-volume production requirements, the company uses only the most advanced equipment and systems to provide continuous monitoring, verification and feedback of 100 percent of its process steps regardless of board quantity (prototypes through production). This has allowed the company to continually target customers with complex assemblies while simultaneously increasing quality so that it has average first pass yields of greater than 96 percent and average defects per million opportunity (DPMO) rates of less than 70, which allows JEMS to build more efficiently and to surpass customers’ expectations.
For more information, contact Gary Walker, Vice President, at JAVAD EMS (JEMS) at 900 Rock Ave., San Jose, CA 95131; 408-770-1700; E-mail:; Web site:

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